Deborah Berridge

Running for Choc

I have been running for Race4Charity since it started. We also ran for Pink Drive 2010. 2018 I ran for Dean Ducroq who was one of the first CHOC patients in 1979. He survived and I saw him 2017 at a school reunion. I ran the virtual for Skylar Meyer last year. She has had cancer 3 times. The first time they removed a tumor and her kidney she was 2 at the time. The second time a tumor at age 3.. She is now undergoing chemo to shrink the third one at 4 years old. She has been getting high fevers due to a fungal infection. Today is 28April 2021, we keep praying for little Skylar and her friend Faith who was taken to PICU today. CHOC has been amazing in motivating us and the work that they do!

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Lionel Berridge R 2,200 30 June 2021
Glorious Mhlanga R 100 29 June 2021
Anne R 50 29 June 2021
Belinda Callaway R 100 29 June 2021
Jim mcmillan R 500 28 June 2021
Eloise Boshoff R 100 25 June 2021
Uvongo and virtual fun run 16 Dec R 8,172 28 May 2021
Aubrey Thompson R 10 20 May 2021

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